Johnston Family Farm is a family owned and operated dairy in Newborn, GA. We work to provide a premium wholesome milk to our consumers.  What makes Johnston Family Farm different is that we produce and bottle our milk completely on our farm, so you get the freshest product possible. 

You may notice that our family farm cows are always happy.  It may be because they’re always well taken care of or it may be that they have acres of  lush green pastures to graze over.  With this stress free life style our cows produce an abundance of milk naturally.

Johnston Family Farm works hard to bring the best milk possible to your family’s table.  We invite you to follow us on twitter at We love sharing our experiences here on the farm with all of our friends. We think you will be suprised at the things we do here on the farm.

Its time for family farm tours!! 

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Johnston Family Farm works hard to bring the best milk possible to your family's table. We produce all-natural, fresh milk straight from the farm. From the cow to the bottle, so you get the freshest milk around.

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When you visit the farm, you can now take it home with you!  Besides our farm fresh milk, we sell local handmade cheese, butter, vegetables, and eggs from all our family farm neighbors.


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Want a firsthand look at what goes on at the Johnston Family Farm?  Well nows your chance!  Take a tour with us to view our farm - including the cows and our processing plant!  Just give us a call to make your reservation!

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